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Dog Grooming Tools– Taking Care of Grooming Tools

With so many types of grooming tools, you should know which ones should be used for your dog’s hair type and specific grooming needs. Thick or heavily matted hair coats need a heavy duty clipper; matted hair can also be easily dealt with using skip tooth blades. Full tooth blades are great for short hair coats; groomers prefer to use it because it gives a smoother cut. Skip tooth blades are best for quick, coarse cuts. Full-tooth blades are also used for refining a cut after using the skip tooth blade. Sharp clipper blades can help you cut your dog’s hair to precision. To keep the clipper blades sharp, you can ask a professional to sharpen them every few cuts. Another way to protect your grooming tools from dirt and foreign objects is to bath your dog and dry him well before giving him a hair cut. Dirt, dust, foreign objects, etc. can destroy the blade and compromise the quality of the haircut.

Don’t hesitate to call your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic if you have any questions about your pet’s grooming needs. Learn more here.

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