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Cleaning Bird Cages - "Can I Use Bleach?"

Pet birds thrive in a cage that is regularly cleaned and disinfected. One common household product that is often used to clean bird cages is bleach.

There are concerns raised by pet owners regarding the use of bleach in cleaning bird cages.  Most of these concerns are however addressed by not using bleach at full strength. There is also a need to rinse off the cage thoroughly with water before putting your pet bird back.

A 10% bleach solution can be made by mixing 1 cup of bleach with 9 cups of water. It is best to just make a smaller mixture so you will make a fresh solution each time you clean your bird’s cage.

Before cleaning the cage, make sure your bird is kept away from its enclosure. Also, take steps to protect anything you don’t want bleached such as furniture, carpeting, clothing, etc.

Always remember not to mix the bleach solution with other formulated cleaners because chemical reactions can occur. If you prefer to have a bubbly solution, you can mix some dish soap, not dishwater detergent, for some soapy suds.

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