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Chocolate Toxicity In Pet Cats And Dogs

Chocolates are certainly not for cats and dogs. Many pet owners are aware of this fatal problem in dogs but not in cats where it also causes serious illness. Chocolate toxicity is not a simple stomach upset, rather it acts like some deadly poison that can eventually cause death if no veterinary attention is promptly given. Chocolates contain amounts of theobromine and caffeine. These are chemical compounds which are also called Methylxanines. When cats or dogs eat chocolates, they inadvertently consume large amounts of these toxic chemicals that can cause chocolate toxicity or Theobromine toxicity. Your pets cannot efficiently metabolize theobromine thus eating chocolates can cause the build-up of theobromine in the blood until it reaches toxic levels. Caffeine levels can also increase over time, causing toxicity but to a lesser extent compared to theobromine.

If you saw or think that your dog has found your stash of chocolates, don’t wait for symptoms to appear, call your North Phoenix, AZ animal hospital ASAP.

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