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Chewing In Puppies

Puppies with chewing problems may suffer from underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to get rid of the negative behavior. Bored puppies chew or they may be teething. Chewing is a natural behavior of canines, whether they are in the wild or domesticated. They chew to build the muscles of the mouth and jaw. Chewing behavior is very common in puppies. They explore and interact with their environment by means of chewing. But there are times when chewing becomes a nuisance particularly when you come home and find that your dog has chewed its way through your shoes, furniture, etc.

In order to put a stop to your puppy’s excessive chewing, why not try the following solutions—

  • If you don’t want it chewed, keep it. Remove all valuable things and keep it out of his reach. Instead give him lots of toys wherein he can practice his chewing prowess. Just be sure though that the toys are not choking hazards.
  • A bored puppy is prone to mischief. A sedentary lifestyle results in lots of pent-up energy that should be released by playing and regular exercise. An exhausted dog will have no time to think chewing.
  • Confine him to a crate where he won’t have access to his favorite “chewables” like your shoes and furniture.
  • Some dog owners don’t like the idea of confining their dogs to its crate for long periods of time but they are willing to supervise their dog’s movements all the time. This is a feasible option if you have time on your hands.

Bring your puppy to your Glendale, AZ vet for regular wellness checks and dental visits.

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