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Cats Are Low Maintenance Pets Compared With Dogs

This is absolutely NOT true. Many people think that cats are low maintenance pets compared to dogs because dogs need daily leash walks and constant attention, while cats can be left alone every day without a problem. But this is a wrong way to look at cats. Although they are generally less demonstrative than dogs, they will still need daily care and interaction with their humans. Indoor only cats benefit from an enriched indoor environment that will motivate them physically and mentally while encouraging them to engage in natural behaviors. The main difference between cats and dogs is the way they relate to the people around them and other pets in the household. Cats can become bored and depressed, too if they are left alone for long periods of time. They can also suffer separation anxiety that can fuel other undesirable habits.

Any concern you may have about your cat’s behavior should be one of the important topics that you should discuss during your pet’s regular wellness checks at your best animal hospital Carol Stream, IL.

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