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Can FeLV be prevented in Aegeans?

FeLV stands for the Feline Leukemia Virus. It is a deadly virus with no known cure. In fact it is the second leading cause of death in cats with trauma being the number one cause of death. If you’re not familiar with FeLV and you own a cat like the Aegean or another breed, talk with your vet and become familiar with the illness. FeLV is contagious to cats through saliva, blood and bodily fluids. It can cause anemia and lymphoma in cats as well as a suppressed immune system that can make your cat susceptible to just about any other illness he comes in contact with. The best way to protect against FeLV is to prevent it by taking precautionary measures. This includes keeping your cat indoors to avoid contact with infected cats. Some cats may also qualify for vaccines that can lower the chances of getting FeLV. Talk with your vet Tampa, FL to learn more.

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