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Behaviors That Fuel A Dog's Destructive Behavior

There are certain canine behaviors that fuel destructive behavior in dogs. The sad part of it is many of these behaviors are reinforced by their owners, intentionally or unintentionally. Here are some of these behaviors:

Play behavior

Canine play behaviors include digging, chewing, chasing etc. Even as puppies, these behaviors are already displayed as explore and learn more about their surroundings. Dogs that are always left alone for long periods of time may also engage in these behaviors especially if they don’t have adequate opportunities for physical and mental stimulation.

Attention-seeking behavior

Dogs are experts when it comes to seeking their owner’s attention. They may whine, bark, or display any form of behavior just to get their owner’s attention. For them, any attention, negative or not, is good enough as long as it’s from their owner. Unfortunately, many owners reinforce this behavior. When a dog knows that he can get his owner’s attention by engaging in a certain type of behavior, they will be more encouraged to engage in it.

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