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Are Cat Collars Safe?

A cat may look cute wearing a collar but there have been increasing cases of serious injuries related to cat collars. There have been cases when the front legs of cats got stuck in their collars, while there are those when collars become frayed and got stuck in the cat’s mouth preventing their jaws from closing. Poor-fitting collars have also resulted in serious wounds, cutting into armpits and necks. Certain types of collars are not safe for use in cats, thus the debate whether cats should wear them at all or not.

Cat owners should be aware of the potential dangers of collars that don’t fit properly as well as those that are designed with elastic or buckles that are hard to unfasten.

But some owners choose to let their cat’s wear a collar because it’s where the cats ID tags are attached. But make sure that the collar is of good quality and should be quick release collars. Steer clear of collars with sharp edges, elastic inserts, and/or buckles. When placing the collar on your cat’s neck, make sure that you can insert one or two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck. This can help ensure that the collar is not too loose or too tight. And do make sure to check your pet’s collar regularly, especially if your kitty is still growing or gaining weight.

Any wound or injury associated with the use of a collar should be checked out by your South Jacksonville, IL veterinarian. Learn more here.

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