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Your Iguana’s Diet

Your iguana is an interesting and unique pet. Fortunately, his diet is fairly simple. Iguanas are herbivores. Never feed your iguana any meat or products containing meat. Most of your iguana’s diet should consist of leafy green vegetables. Choose vegetables with high nutritional value including kale, spinach and parsley. Avoid low-impact greens such as iceberg lettuce. These vegetables offer little nutrition. Iguanas also like green beans, pea pods and sweet peppers. Fruit such as banana, apple or papaya can make a yummy snack on occasion. Offer these treats in small amounts. Feed your iguana daily. Experiment to determine the amount of food your iguana will eat daily. Turn the heat lamps in the enclosure on before feeding your pet. Your iguana is cold-blooded so wait a while until your iguana has warmed up a bit before feeding it. Remove uneaten food promptly. Consult your local licensed veterinary clinic Chattanooga TN for more information and advice.

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