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Your ferret and playtime

You love your ferret dearly and you know that when you find him sleeping in his enclosure that he is simply replenishing his energy for your next play session. How can you make the most of playtime together?

Playing with your ferret will likely be a very active and social experience. Your pet wants to interact with you and get in some exercise so he will make an effort to get up and moving in your presence. Your pet is very instinctual, so he will probably want to take part in some activities that will help him hone in his hunting skills a bit. Chasing and pouncing will be common behaviors, and since your pet is also very curious, he will likely want to explore the area a bit. Ferrets are very smart, so make a point to offer him some mental stimulation in the form of games too. For additional information, please contact your local Kalamazoo, MI veterinarian


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