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Your Cat and Diabetes

Your cat can develop diabetes, which a lack of insulin hormone (type 1) or your cat’s inability to respond to it (type 2). Diabetes causes an elevated blood sugar level that causes health issues. Your cat is at a high risk of developing diabetes if she is or has been obese, so keep your cat within normal weight limits. Male cats are more likely to develop diabetes than females and age is a extenuating factor. Diabetes symptoms include a change of appetite (too much or too little), weight loss and increased urination. Your cat may be lethargic and thus look unkempt because she hasn’t been grooming. These symptoms are common in other feline diseases so you need to seek medical attention for diagnosis and treatment. Your cat’s diabetes can be controlled with insulin injections, an oral medication or even a change of diet. For more information, contact your Chattanooga, TN veterinarian, visit their website for additional information and advice.

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