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Your Cat's Chin Acne

Your cat may develop blackheads, whiteheads or even small red pimples on her chin. Chin acne and other facial dermatology issues are often caused by either poor grooming habits or excessive oil production. Your cat may make the irritation worse by grooming the damaged area more often. She may also not clean her face well after eating. Wipe her face with a damp cloth to keep her clean. She may start normal grooming if you help her stay clean when she falters. You will need to manage any bacterial infections, tumors, mites or other difficulties of the skin. Tumors, mange and fungus requires professional medical treatment. Seek medical attention if skin issues don’t clear up easily for a physical examination, cultures, skin scraping or whatever procedure helps provide a comprehensive diagnosis. Set an appointment with your Farmers Branch, TX vet for evaluation and treatment as needed.

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