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Worm In Parakeets

There are about 23 species of worms that can infect pet parakeets. The most common parasitic worms that infect parakeets are roundworms and flatworms. They can get worms being in direct contact with infected birds or from contaminated food and water. They can also acquire worms from being in close contact with their surfaces that have been contaminated with infected feces. Feeding wild-caught insects to your pet parakeet can also increase their  chances of being infected with worms. There are also instances when insects that are carrying the parasites contaminate the bird’s food and water.

Diarrhea is a prominent symptom exhibited by parakeets with a heavy worm population. There may also be an unexplained loss of weight and their growth is stunted, even with adequate intake of food. Bringing your pet parakeet to your Volga, SD veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. Visit this link for more details:

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