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Why Your Pet Needs Early Health Screening

Health screening can detect potentially life-threatening illnesses so it can be diagnosed and addressed appropriately. Pets can get all types of medical conditions - congenital problems, kidney disease, liver problems, orthopedic problems, etc. Health screens can go a long way in helping nip a potentially serious problem in the bud before serious complications set in.

Routine health screening is generally advisable for puppies, especially for the so-called high-risk breeds. Generally, a health problem that is noticed at an early stage will mean more affordable veterinary bills and a more favorable prognosis.

Early health screening is recommended for congenital and orthopedic problems in large breed puppies, and congenital disease affecting major organs of the body including the heart, kidney, and liver. Some breeds of dogs are more predisposed to specific hereditary conditions problems and can benefit from an early health screen.

Early puppy screening can easily be performed anytime. Your best veterinarians Forest Hill, MD will conduct a thorough checkup and may recommend more extensive and specific tests for accurate diagnosis.

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