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Why your cat loves treats

Your cat loves to munch on anything tasty she can get her paws on. However, treats do seem to hold a bit more appeal than her regular food at mealtime does. Why is this?

Your pet loves to eat, as it can be a pleasurable activity and she instinctually knows how important it is to be well-fed. However, she gets to eat a full bowl of her food multiple times per day. Treats are offered sparingly, leaving her always wanting more. They also are usually given in a rather sporadic fashion, which will keep your pet guessing as to when she may get to sink her teeth into one. This gets her excited to have a treat when they are offered. Treats are also a different taste and texture than her regular food and your pet recognizes how nice it is to have some variety in her diet. For more information, please contact your local Newmarket, ON veterinarian.


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