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Why Reflective Collars Are A Great Idea

Does your cat like to go out in the evening or in the early dawn hours? Most cats love to explore, prowl, and hunt prey under the cover of darkness or almost darkness. This is great for the cats because the prey can’t see them. This is also a problem for the cats because at this time of day people driving by can’t see them either. This is where the reflective collar comes into play. Choose a collar for your cat that is either a bright florescent color or has reflective stripes on it. This will make your cat visible to drivers and cyclists. Choose a well fitting collar that won’t get caught in a fence or brush. Don’t pick glitzy collars with decorative beading. The beads may reflect light, but they’re going to get your cat stuck in hard to squeeze places. For help finding a reflective collar for your cat, call your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic.

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