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Why it’s important to give your hamster items to chew on

Your hamster is an adorable little creature, and you love being able to get to know her more and more each day. This means that you are also becoming familiar with her habits, like constantly being on the look-out for things to chew on. Why does she seek these items out?

Your pet needs to be able to chew on things regularly to maintain her teeth. Your pet’s teeth are continually growing so she always has strong teeth to utilize when she needs them. However, this means that they can get too long rather quickly if she isn’t carefully looking after them. Teeth that get overgrown can become painful, injure your pet, or get broken and sharp. Gnawing on things often can help your pet prevent these issues and keep her from experiencing some of the negative things associated with constant teeth growth. For more information, please contact your local Pasadena, MD veterinarian.

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