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Why do Ocicat's Purr?

Most all cats purr including the Ocicat. How often they purr or how vocal the cat is depends on the cat’s breed. Siamese cats, for instance, are extremely vocal. Ocicats are also very vocal and can often be heard purring. So what does a purr mean for a cat? It’s actually a form of communication. They can purr because they’re happy, sad, in pain, or excited. Kittens actually learn to purr and communicate long before they learn to open their eyes and focus on the world around them. Research shows that most cats will purr while giving birth, when they are injured, and even as they are dying. So you may hear your cat purring while you are rubbing his belly or massaging his ears, but you may also hear him purr when he’s angry, sad, or agitated. Don’t assume a purring cat is a happy cat. For more information on cat communication and purring, talk with your London, ON vet.

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