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Whipworms In Dogs

Whipworms are parasites that live in the large intestine and cecum of dogs. The name is derived from the whip-like shape of adult parasites. The common species of whipworms which are prevalent in dogs is Trichuris vulpis. Adult whipworms attach to the intestinal walls and cecum to feed on blood and tissue juices. Whipworms are generally acquired by ingestion of feces that contain parasite eggs. Ingestion of food or water which has been contaminated with whipworm eggs has also been pointed to as a source of infection. Under favorable environmental conditions, the eggs can thrive in the soil and bodies of water for years. Upon ingestion, the infective eggs are swallowed and stay in the large intestine and cecum to hatch and mature into adults in about 3 months’ time. Adult worms lay eggs which are passed out with the feces. Outside, the eggs has to remain in the environment for a month in order to develop into an infective stage.

Your best vet Forest Hill, MD may recommend regular parasite medication to protect your pet from whipworms.

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