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Understanding Your Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig is a highly social animal. Learning his vocalization style can lead to a trusting, loving relationship. And you can meet his needs better. The most common sound from your pig is a high-pitched “wheek” squeal, often accompanied by running and hopping around. This occurs most often before mealtime and is a result of both hunger and anticipation. Your guinea will make this sound with enthusiasm and excitement. However, if your guinea pig is upset, uncomfortable or feeling threatened, he may release a loud distressed shriek. A content and happy guinea pig may make a guttural purring sound. You may be able to entice your pig to purr with petting and cuddling. Or he may purr just hanging out in his peaceful place. If your pig chatters his teeth, he may be agitated or angry. Study your guinea pig to his unique sounds and behavior. For more information, contact pet clinic Louisville, CO.

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