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Treats As Positive Reinforcement For Dog Training

As an integral part of the training protocol, dog training treats play important roles in achieving the desired behavior. Treats can be used to motivate your dog to listen and obey a specific command because he knows he will be rewarded with his favorite treat. When a dog knows that his favorite treat is on the line, he will be more interested on your activities during the training sessions. He will certainly be looking forward to each session and you will find that his interest and attitude far exceed what you have expected. Also, more success has been achieved when a dog’s good behavior and fast retention is rewarded with lots of praises coupled with his favorite treat. Your dog will view his favorite treat as a symbol or an indication that you are pleased with his performance. Moreover, professional dog trainers and your vet services Bel Air, MD believes that giving dog treats for a job well done has been found to be more effective in achieving success in dog training compared to only giving praises.

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