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Tips To Enrich Your Cat’s Indoor Environment

Responsible pet owners take steps to make the indoor environment an enjoyable and stimulating place for their pet cats. Cats have been living in the wild for so long and even with domestication, the call of the wild is still quite strong.

Here are some tips to make indoors interesting for your cat so he won’t pine for the outdoors:

  • Feed your pet’s natural instincts by installing a scratching post, cat trees, window perches, and a kitty tower. Cats like to stay in elevated places so they can keep an eye on what’s happening in their surroundings. They also like to spend time by the window basking in the sun and watching the birds outside.
  • Cat trees or kitty condos can provide plenty of opportunities for cats to climb and play. The vertical spaces also give them many places to explore and rest. If you have space, place the tree next to a window so your kitty can also see what’s happening outdoors.

An indoor cat can still suffer from potential health problems thus regular checkups at your veterinary clinic Portage, MI is recommended. Click here for more information.

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