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Things To Prepare When Going On A Road Trip With Your Cat

Many cats hate traveling, regardless of whether it is a short road trip or a long one. Being in a moving car makes them anxious and nervous. But cats need to get used to traveling in a car because whether they like it or not, they have to be brought to the vet for wellness and dental checks or to the groomers on a regular basis. In addition to training your pet to feel at ease while inside a car, there are things that you should prepare to prevent last minute hassles. These include:


Even if your cat has no problems riding in a car, being inside a carrier during the trip spells safety for everyone inside the vehicle, including your pet. Place the crate where your pet can see you to lessen any anxiety he may be feeling.

Extra carrier or crate

This will come in handy if your cat messed up his carrier and you don’t want to deal with the cleanup while on the road. Just make sure your cat has been thoroughly wiped clean before placing him inside the extra carrier.

Rags, paper towels, wet wipes

These are used to clean up any mess, especially when your cat gets carsick or accidentally eliminates.

Disposable bag/s

These will be for your soiled rags, used paper towels or wet wipes.

Container with soapy water

Add some liquid soap to water and place it inside a secure container. You can use this to clean a soiled carrier.

It is recommended that you bring your pet to your pet clinic Mt. Airy, MD for a thorough wellness check before any road trip.

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