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The Beauty of the Bengal

If you’re looking for the cat with the jaguar, leopard like markings then you’re probably looking for the Bengal. This cat is known for his unique color markings and patters, sleek build, and wild look. The Bengal has vivid spots and distinctive marbling. The marbling or rosette tabby marking and pattern gives him the leopard and jaguar like resemblance. His eyes also give him that sense of a wildness as well. Most have green, yellow or gold eyes while the lynx point have blue eyes and the minks have aqua eyes. Their eyes along with their wide nose heighten the appearance of the wild cats. Their coat is extremely soft with a velvety, plus like feel. It is often described as soft as a rabbit’s coat. They walk with grace and poise. The Bengal is athletic and energetic. He is intelligent, eager to please and easy to train. For more information contact your North Suffolk, VA veterinary clinic.

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