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Testing Dogs like the Toy Poodle for Heartworms

Part of your dogs overall wellness should include an annual exam at the vet. This exam should cover everything from basic eye and ear health to testing your dog for heartworms. All dog breeds are susceptible to heartworms including dogs like the Toy Poodle. One of the best ways to prevent heartworms is to have your dog tested and make sure he is on a monthly prevention medication. Yearly checkups should include a heartworm test. Your vet should run this each year to ensure your dog is clear. If the test is positive, aggressive treatment will be needed immediately. Your dog will not be able to go on monthly prevention until the heartworm test in negative. Heartworms can be transmitted through mosquitoes. They can live and grow in the blood stream and eventually invade the heart and lungs causing organ failure. Monthly prevention can be given in a chewable pill. Talk with your veterinarian London, ON to learn more.

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