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Teaching Your Dog to Shake Hands

Some obedience commands keep your dog under control and safe. Shaking hands is just a fun trick but it will help you bond with your dog. Train your dog when he is alert but not overly excited. Keep a bag of small treats close at hand when teaching him this trick. Lift your dog’s paw and shake it gently. Say the SHAKE HANDS command and offer your dog a treat. Repeat this four or five times a day, everyday. Soon your dog will anticipate the treat and lift his paw when you say SHAKE HANDS. Increase the time between the command and delivering the treat as he becomes more reliable. Eventually reduce and then eliminate the treats so your dog shakes hands on your command and praise alone. Once your dog will reliably shake hands, you can expand the training to include high fives and waving. For more information, click here to contact your Chattanooga, TN vet.

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