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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Guinea Pig

There are several questions you should ask yourself and the pet store associate or breeder about guinea pigs before you actually purchase one. For example, before you even entertain the idea of bringing a cavy home, ask yourself if you have the time to take care of a pet. Guinea pigs may live in a cage, but they still need interaction time with people. Outside cage time including exercise time and holding time are important for building a relationship with your cavy. Make sure you have a schedule that will allow you to spend time with your cavy and feed him twice a day plus clean his cage once a week (and spot clean every other day). When purchasing, ask the sales associate how long the cavy has been at the store, what kind of cage it needs, what kind of food will it eat? Talk with your Aurora, CO veterinarian to find out other questions to ask. Visit their site to know more.

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