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Protector of Sheep and Goats: The Anatolian Shepherd

If you own livestock such as sheep, goats or other small animals and you’re looking for something to protect them from predators then you may want to explore the Anatolian Shepherd. This rugged, durable, agile, smart, and hardy breed is known for its keen eyesight and excellent hearing making him a great protector of livestock. The Anatolian thrives best when he has a job of protecting livestock. With his super senses and fastness, he can sniff out and chase out almost any predator in super fast time. At home, this great big dog loves to walk and play a lot. He needs a large backyard and a job of protecting. Farms are ideal for the Anatolian. He does well with other pets and small children when supervised. He is an independent breed with a one set mind to protect. Talk with your Pleasanton, CA veterinarian if this sounds like the dog for you. Learn more here.

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