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Pros And Cons Of Open Litter Boxes For Cats

Many cat owners prefer using open litter boxes for their pet cats. Here are important reasons why you should do it too:

  • This type of litter box design is cheaper and can easily fit in most budgets
  • It is much easier to clean, disinfect, and refill with new litter
  • Many cats prefer an open litter box because they can easily get in and out
  • An open litter box enables them to keep watch for any potential threats while they are doing their thing

However, the open litter box can also have its disadvantages. Its design requires frequent cleaning because litter box odor can easily permeate the entire household. Some cats like to do their business in private and will avoid using an open litter box. In some cases, a cat may ‘miss the mark’ as he looks for a comfortable position to eliminate.

Any change in your pet’s toilet habits should be brought to the attention of your Brookings, SD veterinarian. Schedule an appointment today!

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