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Pros and Cons of Canine Nail Grinders

You have to make time in your busy schedule to clip your dog’s nails. If you don’t, your carpets, furniture, and your skin are in danger. Nail grinders are one option, but are they a good one?

There are some good things about nail grinders. The biggest benefit is the fact that it’s a lot harder to accidentally cut your dog’s quick. You also don’t have to worry about crushing your dog’s nails. Traditional clippers can get dull and crush the nail. You can’t do that with a nail grinder.

There are some cons too. Cutting your dog’s nails with this kind of clipper takes a lot longer because you have to wait for it to wear away the nail. I can also be quite smelly!

Want to learn how to use a canine nail grinder? Click here or schedule an appointment with your vet Fort Bragg, NC!

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