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Preventing Your Dog From Tick Dangers

As the weather warmsup, ticks become more active.A tick bite can result in more than an itchy spot on your dog. It could get infected if scratched. Ticks are able to transmit many dangerous or deadly diseases to your dog. Thus it is vital that you protect your dog from tick bites. Shrubs and grasses are welcoming environments for ticks so keep your yard trimmed. After walking in fields, the woods or other tick-friendly places, inspect your dog for ticks. Use a tick prevention medication monthly to safeguard your dog. This medication should be given all year round to protect your dog. Just a few warm days cause ticks to become active and dangerous. If you discover a tick latched on to your dog, remove it completely.Thoroughly clean the wound. Consider requesting blood tests to see if the tick transmitted a disease such as Lyme disease. Contact your Pleasanton, CA vet to learn more.

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