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Predisposing Factors Of Obesity In Dogs

Diet and lack of exercise are two of the most obvious culprits in dog obesity. Dogs that are still recovering from an injury or illness usually need to remain sedentary thereby increasing their risk for weight gain. An unexplained gain in weight can also be a symptom of Cushing’s disease or hypothyroidism which is caused by a hormonal imbalance. There are also certain breeds of dogs that have a genetic predisposition for obesity. Some of these breeds include Pugs, Beagles, English Bulldogs, and Dachshunds.

What are the health implications of obesity?

An overweight or obese dog is prone to developing a significant number of serious health problems. Some of the important disease conditions where obesity has been shown to play an important role include cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes mellitus, respiratory disorders, orthopedic problems and injuries, and osteoarthritis just to name a few.

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