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Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Stinks?

Dogs that spend time outdoors may smell bad occasionally and in most cases they just need a bath. But if you notice that your pooch has a distinct smell that becomes more offensive with time, a visit to your vet clinic should be made for this could indicate an underlying health problem.

Skin problems

The skin glands of dogs secrete oil to keep the hair coat soft. But bacteria can easily multiply because the skin oil creates a favorable environment for them. A dog that is suffering from allergies may scratch relentlessly at itchy areas all over his body causing damage and irritation. This can eventually pave the way for bacteria or yeast infection, which is usually has a tell-tale foul odor.

Tearing around the eyes

Conjunctivitis or other eye problems can cause excessive tearing, making the fur around the dog’s eyes constantly moist. This can create a favorable environment for bacteria to flourish. An increase in the bacterial population can also be accompanied by a distinct foul odor.

Consult your Forest Hill, MD vet if you have any concerns about your pet's health. Click on this link for more pet care info.

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