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Pet Phobias

Dogs can also develop certain phobias. In fact, fears and phobias in pet dogs are more common than most pet owners might be aware of. The problem is most common in dogs that did not receive proper or adequate socialization, thus they are unprepared to deal well with different situations they find themselves in. There are many things or situations that can trigger fear in dogs. It can be loud sounds of fireworks or a fear of a perceived threat, strange places and people, and even unfamiliar animals. Many dogs have thunderstorm phobia. They start acting weird as the skies turn dark and thunder starts rumbling.

In addition to socialization, the temperament of dogs can also have an important role in the development of certain fears or phobias. A dog’s temperament is influenced to a large extent by heredity, socialization, and upbringing. Dogs that have negative experiences in the past can develop fear to specific situations.

Since there are instances when dogs that are in pain tend to hide, you should make an appointment with your best pet clinic Westminster, MD so your pet can be examined thoroughly to rule out any health issue that may be causing his behavior.

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