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Pet Health - Dangers That Lurk In The Garden

The backyard and garden can be a venue where pets can be exposed to poisons from fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Some people also put rodent bait on their lawns and gardens. Poisoning can occur when pets come into contact with the concentrated form of these products. There is an increased risk of exposure when these products are not stored appropriately, failure to read or follow package instructions, or when using more product than what is needed. Special precautions should be undertaken when using insecticides because these products ten to have a higher level of toxicity. Pet dogs can be exposed to insecticides when digging up ground that has been treated, chewing pellets, or playing around ant mounds shorter after the application of an insecticide product. In addition to rodent baits, snail pellets are also very toxic, thus pet owners should be very careful when using snail pellets in the garden. If you suspect your pet has been exposed to any lawn or garden chemical, bring them to your South West Fort Wayne, IN animal hospital immediately even if they are not showing any signs of toxicity. Read more here.

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