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Neosporosis In Dogs

Although Neosporosis infections in older dogs are quite rare, those which are affected show generalized involvement of the central nervous system. Some may also develop blindness and behavioral changes. When the paralysis finally reaches the muscles which are involved in respiration, it will eventually lead to death. Diagnosis will involve a thorough physical examination and complete history. Your vet may also recommend several important diagnostic tests that will include a complete blood profile, a complete blood count, and a chemical blood profile. Urinalysis and fecalysis may also be recommended.  For positive cases, fecalysis may reveal the presence of oocyts. Since the nervous system is involved, your vet may also recommend an analysis of your dog’s cerebrospinal fluid in order to assess the extent and severity of the involvement of the nervous system. Positive cases often show a slight increase in the protein levels of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Your Marietta, GA vet can explain further about the prognosis and provide you more information about the treatment options that may be available.

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