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Mitigating Your Child’s Fear of Dogs

Some children may experience scary interactions with dogs such as being bitten or jumped on or chased. This can develop into a fear of dogs that your child carries into adulthood. This fear can range from a minor anxiety to a full-blown panic attack whenever your child is near a dog. Severe dog phobias may need to be treated by a mental health professional but minor anxieties may be dealt with using simpler methods. If your child develops a fear of dogs, exposehim to a dog he trusts such as a docile dog belonging to a family member. Ask your child sit and relax and maintain calm throughout the experience. Keep the dog under control by usingobedience commands. Allow your child to interact with the dog.Keep sessions short at first. Lengthen the exposure time and visit with other dogs as your child becomes more comfortable. For more, click here to contact your Glen Ellyn, IL veterinarian.

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