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Milky White Secretion in Skinny Guinea Pig’s Eye

Did you know that a guinea pig’s eyes can tell you a lot of his personality, temperament and health? If you own a guinea pig such as the Skinny guinea pig breed, make sure you read up on their health and especially their eye health. It’s fascinating! For instance, guinea pigs keep their eyes open all the time even while they’re asleep. This means their eyes need to be moistened or lubricated every so often and the eyes know exactly how to do that. A white secretion is discharged to naturally moisten the eyes. After this occurs, you may see your cavy take his front paws and “wash” his face or his eyes in order to remove the secretion. It’s a naturally common process to see several times a day. However, if you don’t think your cavy is doing this, give your Farmers Branch, TX veterinary clinic a call. Or click this website Summertree Animal Clinic for more information.

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