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Managing Your Hamster's Nighttime Behavior

Your hamster is pretty much nocturnal. Thus he will sleep throughout the day and stay alert overnight. This nighttime behavior makes it difficult for your hamster to have a relationship with the family. Don’t try to change your hamster’s sleep schedule since this could cause health issues. Don’t try to wake your hamster since he might bite you. Use your hamster’s awake times and play with him in the late afternoon and early evening. Ensure your hamster gets enough exercise. Time in a hamster ball will wear out your hamster. He may even sleep later. Ensure that family members handle your hamster so he is considered a part of the family. This will help him learns to trust you. Give your hamster toys to play with in his cage at night. Make sure those toys don’t make noises that keep you awake. For more information, contact your North Dallas, TX veterinarian. Or schedule an appointment at this website Summertree Animal Clinic.

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