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Lovable Personality Of Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are very smart which makes them a lot curious about anything and everything in their environment. You will have an easy time training and teaching your Bengal new tricks. The are also very confident felines. They think they can get away with anything they have set their eyes and hearts on. A distinct reminder of their jungle days is their being hyperactive.  They are always on the lookout for the next adventure. You will hardly find your Bengal in a corner for they love to chase, leap, run, jump and even climb. A

Bengals love the water

Like many breeds of dogs, Bengals love the water, a trait they have inherited from their ancestors. They are not afraid of water and may even jump into the shower or bath with you. Some Bengal owners even find their pets playing with the water in the toilet bowl!

Your Bengal will benefit from regular wellness checks at your Cedar Rapids, IA vet clinic.

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