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Kennel Cough In Dogs

There are several methods by which Kennel Cough can spread from an infected dog to other dogs. These include:

  • Direct contact with a dog suffering from Kennel Cough
  • When an infected dog coughs or sneezes, it releases air droplets into the air. A dog can acquire the infection upon inhalation of these contaminated air droplets.
  • Indirect transmission by getting in contact with the causative agent on contaminated objects and surfaces.

Dogs with kennel cough have a dry, hacking cough, which is an early sign of the condition. Vomiting may occur as a result of your dog’s retching and gagging that usually comes with a persistent dry cough.

It has been observed in clinical studies that frequent bouts of Kennel Cough are often tell-tale signs of an underlying serious condition that may include the presence of parasites, pneumonia, heart disease, heartworms, tumors in the throat, allergies, and the presence of foreign bodies in the throat that cause irritation in the area.

Talk to your Forest Hill, MD veterinarian about the best way to protect your pet from kennel cough.

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