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Keeping Your Guinea Pig Clean

Your guinea pig can keep himself pretty clean. If his enclosure is clean, he will probably stay clean. However, your pig can get stinky or sticky with feces or urine. Someone may even spill something on him. Try to spot clean the area.Use a little water on a cloth with just a touch of soap to avoid a full bath. If you need to give your guinea pig a full bath, use a shallow basin so he won’t get frightened.Place a cloth in the bottom so he won’t slip. Wet your pig with lukewarm water and lather him with shampoo that is safe for small mammals. Work quickly and efficiently to keep your guinea pig calm. Rinse your guinea pig thoroughly and towel dry. Brush your pig. Wrap him in a dry towel to avoid stress and drafts. Finally, return your pig to a clean enclosure. Contact your experienced Ellicott City MD veterinarians to learn more.

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