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Keeping Your Dog Safe While Swimming

With the warm weather upon us, your dog may enjoy swimming. Swimming is great exercise and keeps your dog cool. Some dogs are natural swimmers while others need encouragement to get in the water. You can comfort and direct reluctant swimmers with a leash or a pet-approved life jacket. Choose a quiet, shallow area to swim in. Go into the water with your pet and keep to the shallows. Once your dog is comfortable, you can move into deeper water. Avoid strong currents. Outside water may contain parasites or algae so don’t allow your dog to drink it. Install a fence around your swimming pool to prevent unattended drowning. Add steps or a ramp to help your dog climb out and help him learn how to use them. Rinse your dog well with fresh water after swimming to avoid irritation and damage to your dog’s skin and fur. For more information, contact your vet care Hyattsville, MD.

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