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How A Microchip Is Implanted Under A Dog’s Skin

The process of implanting a microchip under the skin takes less than 10 seconds. A microchip usually comes preloaded in a syringe which is then inserted under the skin just between the blades of the shoulder. Most dogs do not feel any pain when the microchip is inserted. As a reaction to the presence of a foreign body, the tissue surrounding the microchip undergoes a form of reaction resulting in the formation of tissues around the microchip acting like a casing which helps keep the microchip in place. Rejection and adverse reaction is uncommon because the chip is made up of biocompatible material.

The grain-like microchip is a very small computer which has the unique ability to store and transmit the assigned identification number via radio waves to a scanner. A microchip usually contains 10 characters. The probability of an identifying code being used more than once is unlikely because there are 275 billion separate codes which are available. Thus you can be assured that no pet will have the same microchip code.

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