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House training Tips For Dogs - Using The Leash

For most dog owners, it is important for them that their puppy should know how to control its bowel movements and where it is appropriate to poo or pee. In order to deliver the message loud and clear, you need to put your dog on a leash when you want him to go outside and attend to the call of nature. There are dog owners who make the mistake of ordering their dogs to go outside and finish eliminating but came back in and continued pooping. The puppy failed to understand what his owner wishes him to do.

With a leash, you can take him outside when you see him starting to pee or poop inside the house. Once outside, you can guide him to his designated “comfort room” so he can continue eliminating. A leash can help you control his movements and you can only be the one who can dictate when he can go back inside.

Consult your veterinary clinic Marietta GA for more information about understanding your pet’s behavior.

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