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Heartworm Infection In Cats

Many cases of heartworm disease in cats have resulted in death because many fail to show symptoms of the infection. There is also a lack of diagnostic tests to confirm the presence of the heartworm in cats. Unlike in dogs, the adult heartworms in cats do not give birth to microfilaria. Thus cats are infected from a mosquito which has fed from an infected dog. When heartworms are present, one of the reactions mounted by the cat’s body is forming cysts in the brain, kidneys, liver, and other vital organs in order to stop the parasite invasion. This is the reason why cats with Heartworms do not show definitive signs indicative of the disease condition. Nervous signs, like seizures and circling, can be exhibited when the nervous system is affected. Infected cats may also die from liver and/or kidney failure. Consult your veterinarian Volga, SD about the best way to protect your pet against heartworms.

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