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Giving Your Cat Medication

Inevitably you will need to give your cat medication in pill form. Consider yourself lucky if your cat gobbles up mashed up medication mixed with her food.You just need to ensure that she eats all the food and that other pets haven’t eaten any of the medicated food. Otherwise you’ll need to try alternative methods. You can try to hide a pill in a small piece of meat. There are alsoextra tasty, commercially available treats that have apocket to hide a pill. You may need to use a pill gun if your cat rejects any of these methods. These guns have little rubber fingers to hold the pill and a plunger to release the pill. Quickly open your cat’s mouth, insert the pill gun beyond your cat’s tongue and release the pill. Rub her throat to ensure that your cat has swallowed the pill. Learn more from your Glen Ellyn, IL veterinary clinic. Schedule an appointment today!

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