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Fly Control for Cows

Horses aren’t the only farm animals that are bothered by pesky gnats and flies. Swarms of flies can attach themselves to a herd of cows in no time. The flies can get into the cow’s eyes, ears, nose, and the utter or sheath areas. They can be extremely irritating and cause discomfort and itching. You can help your cows out by spraying them thoroughly with a cow or livestock fly spray. If the flies are particularly bad in your farmyard area, look for a animal safe fly spray to use on the yard. Make sure the sprays you use are safe for animals intended for consumption. You can also hang fly predator traps in problem areas to lure the flies away from the cows. Keep the barnyard clean of manure and make sure your manure pile is far from the caws as this also attracts flies. Talk with your Westminster, MD veterinary clinic for more ideas.

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