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Does your Chartreux Need a No Chew Spray?

Most cats do not chew, but occasionally you will come across one that enjoys a good gnaw on the furniture. Chewing isn’t particular to any breed. Your Persian, shorthair or even your Chartreux could develop a chewing habit at a young age if it’s not prevented at first notice. The best way to help train your kitten or cat out of chewing is to use a deterrent like a no-chew spray. You can find these types of sprays at the pet store most commonly in the puppy aisle. Spray the no-chew spray on the items that the cat is chewing on. The smell and the sour taste will help teach your cat to stay away. If your cat finds a new chewing target spray that as well. For excessive chewing that won’t stop, give your Temecula, CA veterinarian a call as some chewing could be a symptom of an underlying illness. Read more here.

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