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Does Humidity Affect Cats like the Maine Coon?

No matter where you live, you and your pets are most likely to experience some level of humidity during the rainy seasons. For some areas the humidity isn’t very high. For other areas the humidity can be so high that the air feels thick with mugginess and heat. It’s important to watch weather reports not only to prepare yourself for these warm conditions, but to also prepare your cats. If you own a cat like the Maine Coon, you may want to consider keeping him indoors on especially muggy and humid days. Even if the temperature isn’t very hot, the actual ‘feel like’ temperature could be much, much warmer. Heatstroke and dehydration can occur on humid days just like it can on super hot days. Your veterinarian care Riverbend, ON may recommend that your cat stay in a cool place and have access to fresh, cool water.

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